Let our team of stylists and color professionals empower you with the beauty and confidence you deserve, liberating your body and mind, leaving you free to enjoy life. Creating lasting relationships with our clients is extremely important to us at Lyon Hair & Spa, enabling us to evolve your style with trust and experience.





$ 70 ~ up

Bang Trims

No Charge


$ 20 ~ up

Women Design

$ 70 ~ up

Men Design

$ 40 ~ up

Child Design (10 years and under)

$ 35 ~ up

Women’s Blow Dry

$ 45 ~ 55

Filler, Toner, Color wash and 

Corrective Color

$ 135 ~ up

$ 45 ~ up

Permanent Hair Color

$ 70 ~ up

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

$ 70 ~ up

Double Process Hair Color

$ 35 ~ up


Body Waves, Spiral and Natural Curls

Relaxers and Reverse Curls


$ 90 ~ up


$ 90 ~ up

$ 95 ~ up


$ 95 ~ up



    95% Natural indulgence for your locks.

    We are very proud to have created our very own range of luxury hair products, designed to bring out the best from your hair whilst maintaining your ethical beliefs. All of our products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, SLS and carcinogens. They incorporate three natural oils neem, argan and buckthorne used in hair care for countless generations as well as minerals from deep below the Dead Sea.



    Think straight and don't go round the bend.

    We use only the highest quality keratin based straightening treatments to ensure our clients can experience lasting results with safety assured. Your health is paramount at Lyon Hair & Spa so we will not recommend any products that do not meet health and safety standards. Our stylists will also use an intuitive approach to find a solution that suits you.


    Bridal Styling

    We’ll make your special day exactly that

    At Lyon Hair & Spa we strive to ensure that every expectation for your special day is met. Our bridal packages can be personalized to your exact requirements. Treatments can take place in salon or, by arrangement, we can travel to your venue or home for added convenience.


    Cut & Finish

    Let us unlock the true potential of your hair.

    One way does not suit all so therefore your appointment will always begin with an in-depth consultation with your stylist touching on all aspects of your lifestyle. Whether it’s time for something totally new or you just need some style maintenance our professionalism and attention to detail remains consistent.


    Blow Dry

    The ultimate pick me up for any occasion.

    You know when you’ve had a blow dry from the experts at Gielly Green; and from that day you’ll never look back. A good blow dry is far more than just drying the hair after a cut, it is about bringing out the potential of your style and creating something unique. It is the perfect polish for a red carpet event or can provide an injection of glamour into any night out in the city.



    What does your color say about you?

    From the extreme to the subtle our professional colorists will help find the right shade for you, perfectly balanced to enhance your inner beauty and personal style. Our appointments always start with an in-depth consultation touching on all aspects of your lifestyle so that our colorists can work with you to evolve your color.


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